1:1 Mentoring program

Open Heart Mastery

My dear friend


Thank you for showing up to this journey into your heart. The place where you can experience your own true divine nature - Love. The Love that holds everything in a calm embrace, loving unconditionally and freely.

You are here, because you have felt a longing to connect deeper with love - with God, and because you dream of being able to stand strong and courageous with an open heart, as who you truly are. The one you where always meant to be, with all your unique gifts to the world..

I am here for you and with you, because I want to see you shine the love you are. The world is in need of true love warriors, and you are one. Together we will make this world a more loving place.

I am dedicating myself to be your personal guide on this very special journey, and I consider it an honor to serve you in your unfolding.

It is crucial, that we both feel deeply into the potential of our cooperation, to make sure that I am the right guide for you at this time in your proces.

Write me at mail@anjasteensig.dk and tell me who you are and what you hope to get out of our joined efforts. If I sense that I might be the right guide for you at this time, I will invite you to a discovery session online where we get to know each other a little better. Only after we have had this conversation do I decide if we will venture into this transformational proces together.

  • Duration 3-6 months

  • The program will be tailormade for your needs and will be a combination of online sessions and real life meetings. Not 2 programs are alike.

Blessings, Anja


“Looking into the eyes of Anja, is like looking into the eyes of the Divine. Her energy is healing and heartopening, mirroring the energy of Love itself. She shares with the depth and lightness that only a true master holds. Experiencing Anja will lift your heart, bless your spirit and heal your pain. She has the rare power of embodying her humanity and divinity at the same time. Give yourself the gift of meeting this light of Love. I promise, you’ll never regret...” - Eva Andrea Ditlefsen, Author | Transformational Teacher